Tuesday, March 25, 2014

I'm Not Alone

Starting what I guess is a "Day 2" of sorts (?), having had some off-program dinners over the weekend. Feeling AOK and really relieved for the most part. Haven't weighed yet, as the number might deflate me and I don't want that undermining my renewed efforts here.

I've got some feedback from some other Optifast "second time arounders" and they too had these starts/stops/start agains. But then something just clicked and compliance took hold. I sense I am following this path, that I had to go through that "hiccup" there. Due to the brutal winter this year, I just became so accustomed to spending my weekends in the kitchen whipping up fabulous feasts. Breaking the pattern of eating them has been very difficult.

Now, there is some slightly bad news: more snow is projected to come today and the temps have dropped again. Enough already. When will Spring get here so I can go walking?! I'm sick of this weather. But I've got my beloved hot tea and warm Optifast soups with my Indian spices. That keeps me content.

No big plans for today. Work part-time, do errands after work, clean house, etc. I'm not sure how I will be feeling physically regarding getting back into ketosis, but my history has been it only takes a few days for me. I really am relieved to go back to my products. I don't have any guilt or anxiety about what I eat. And it's so, so easy -- with the only exception being nighttime, when I have temptations and sometimes cravings. But I've managed this before and I can manage it again!

Well, off I go to get ready for work. Have a great day everyone and Happy Optifasting!

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